Forest management




SIA Vīgrieze is a sustainable forestry company. Our fantastic team is made up of forestry professionals who have graduated from the Forestry Faculty of the Latvian University of Agriculture. We will know and be able to answer your questions in forestry.

Our guiding principles are to work with the responsibility for the future. We offer a complete forest management cycle - from soil preparation to felling.

Send us an up-to-date forest inventory and in your forest property we will do the planning of the work to be done according to the best forestry conditions and your wishes. If you do not have a forest inventory available or not, our specialists will create it.


- Discussion about forest management in your forest property.

- Take forest inventory

- Determine the total value of the forest or the area to be cut.

- Soil preparation and forest plantation.

- Agrotechnical care and composition trimming.

- Trees care.

- Types of sampling, furrows and other types of felling.